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An urn that doubles as a planter: It's the latest in L.A.'s death positivity movement

L.A. woodworker C.C. Boyce is reevaluating what happens when a person dies by turning ashes into planters.

The worst things you can do when shopping for plants, according to plant shop owners

So you're ready to go plant shopping in person. Here are some tips on being the kind of customer that everyone wants to see coming through the doors.

We've all hit the pandemic wall. Planting something can help

We've started a new year and the normal we once knew is still a far dot on the horizon. But there is a way to rekindle some hope: Get your hands into the soil.

L.A. Affairs: I went on 46 bad blind dates. And then Mr. 47 showed up.

After 46 blind dates that were mostly disastrous, my expectations were not too high. I had survived so many evenings of challenging conversation, no attraction and boredom that I figured what was one more to add to the list. It would at least give me another funny story to share with my friends and family.

California Botanic Garden is a feast (including ice cream!) for all our senses

California Botanic Garden is the new name for the state's largest garden of native plants. Virtual events show how to incorporate these plants into our daily lives.

Garden Calendar: What you can go, see and do in Southern California

After a hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak, Garden Calendar is back with a few real-time (and virtual) plant-oriented events in Southern California.

L.A. Affairs: That moment when I tell my date about my purity ring

For the first time in my dating history, the lack of a second date had nothing to do with its inevitable lack of sex. So why do I remember Anthony so fondly? He's the boy who reminded me what I was worth, at the moment I desperately needed to hear it.

L.A. Affairs: He didn't have a car. Was I more than just a ride?

I would make the drive nearly every weekend, braving the Friday traffic and returning late Sunday night. I did this willingly and savored the time in L.A. with him. But how did he feel? Was I just an easy ride?

Chris Erskine: We're all coping with quarantine differently. I have Stockholm syndrome

Doesn't really pay for me to be appealing to my captors. They are snarky, and increasingly restless. They pass the long evenings mixing up different flavors of White Claw just for kicks, the way Millennials will.

Culver City's Platform offering curbside pickup for your feel-good treats, WFH cravings

Amid coronavirus, Platform begins curbside pickup for wine, CBD.

WFH with a roommate or loved one? 5 ways to avoid killing each other

Many employees working remotely in the midst of the coronavirus crisis are competing with roommates for limited space, internet connection and attention.

Expert tips on decluttering your home during the coronavirus pandemic

People are decluttering while hunkering down at home. An expert shares tips on how to get organized during the coronavirus pandemic.

Garden Calendar: What you can still do during this coronavirus crisis

Garden Calendar: Virtual edition! Yes, there is still plenty to see during this time of coronavirus.

Why Goodwill is begging all of us: Stop leaving your stuff at our door!

Goodwill SoCal has closed its doors and appealed to Los Angeles residents to stop leaving discarded items at donation centers. It can create a health hazard.

The Theodore Payne garden tour is happening this weekend a virtually

Theodore Payne offers 30-plus virtual tours of native plant landscapes.

10 things you can do to improve your home garden right now

Gardeners, take a deep breath. We've made a list of 10 garden tasks that can help save your sanity now and make the coming months much more pleasant.

10 ways to bond with your houseplants while you're at home

Stuck at home? Here are 10 ways to bond with your houseplants during a global pandemic.

10 ways to make your house a cozier home

Coronavirus has us all stuck indoors. Solution? It's time to make your home a cozy sanctuary. Here are 10 ways to do just that.

No IRL hookups? This might be the perfect time for online dating

It's not easy searching for virtual alternatives to social interactions and intimacy during a time of unprecedented social distancing. Here's how a pandemic is changing the game.

A happy little miracle in dark times: The plant nursery business is booming

Plant nurseries are now offering curbside service: 'A resurgence of victory gardens'

The upside of social distancing: How hygge can help

Let's lean in to "hygge," an Norwegian word for "well-being," cozy togetherness," "fun," "safety and shielding from the world," "the absence of annoyance" and the notion that your home is, literally and metaphorically, giving you a "hug."

L.A. Affairs: I thought we'd get married. But a house came between us

I wasn't going to plead or beg her to stay. I felt my actions of the past week a and during the more than three years we had been together a had done all my talking for me.

The ultimate guide to hanging out virtually with your friends

Just because you're staying home doesn't mean you have to be lonely. How to set up video chats for a dinner party, game night, karaoke session and more.

I've been dating him my whole life: Guess the joke is on me

Together we had woven a 10-year on-again-off-again story so obnoxious, the jokes we made about being like a couple straight out of a sitcom started feeling like a twisted reality.

Plants to replace your friends

Who needs Greg anyway?

Is it safe to hike Runyon Canyon? Or work out at the gym?

Feeling housebound? Get out and hike, an expert says, as long as you keep your six-foot distance.

L.A.'s beloved native plant garden tour canceled: But there's (virtual) hope

The coronavirus claimed another victim Friday, when the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants canceled its popular two-day garden tours of 42 landscapes heavy on native plants and water-wise enhancements.

Coronavirus: Do I have to work from home?

A conundrum: Your boss says you're all supposed to work from home, but you really don't want to. Do you have to work from home?

Meet the man behind Louis Vuitton's $40,500 shelves

Andrew Kudless is the first American to partner with Louis Vuitton on pieces for the French luxury brand's Objets Nomades collection.

Pots, planters and vessels to amp up the drama in your indoor garden

Well-designed planters are a perfect marriage of form and function. Here are a few of our favorites, with price points to suit your decor budget.

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